Jeff Bordes 1Jeff Bordes is making it his mission in life to make accessing education more affordable and achievable for people living around the world, especially in rural or remote areas. As the founder and CEO of Astria Learning, a distance learning business, he’s using ever-evolving technology to open more doors around the world to educational opportunities.

Jeff Bordes knows that education is the one true tool we have at our disposal to change our lives and build towards a future that is better and brighter. Growing up in Haiti, he quickly learned that educating himself was the key to better opportunities, and grew out of a poor area to become a leading face in distance learning and education technology. Astria Learning is currently working with clients in nine countries and provides student outreach to many more.

For many years, Jeff Bordes worked out of an office in downtown Tampa before he realized that, if you want to understand the problems affecting an area, you need to become familiar with it. He left the office and now travels across the globe to better understand the individual problems affecting these communities and develop solutions to help them.

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