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Using Social Media to Plan for College

Social media is used in practically all walks of life these days, so it only makes sense that you can use it to prepare for college. While you obviously shouldn’t rely solely on Facebook as you plan your post-secondary education, here are just a few ways you can use your social media accounts to help get your college plans in order.


Keep Track of Deadlines


Most schools have a presence on social media now, and following them will allow you to keep track of application and enrollment deadlines. You might not see news about upcoming deadlines on a school’s Facebook page, but even receiving updates on other things will keep the school fresh in your memory so you can remind yourself to check its main site every so often.


Learn More About Schools


There was a time when the only way to learn about a school short of arranging a tour of the campus was through glossy brochures or magazine advertisements. Those certainly have not gone away, but you can find out all that they have to offer simply by looking up a college’s social media accounts. These accounts are updated frequently, so you will always be certain to receive updated information every time you take a look at them.

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Incorporating Technology into Teaching and Learning


Technology has the ability to increase productivity in an educational setting. For both students and teachers, digital learning can help expand lesson plans, classroom strategies and educational opportunities by implementing handheld devices and computers. Incorporating such devices work to improve and expand course offerings, classroom experiences, increase student engagement and motivation for higher learning. Not only does technology benefit student learning, it allows teachers to have a more hands on connected teaching philosophy that includes professional content published by educational programs, resources and systems put in place to help improve and evolve their own personalized learning and teaching instruction.

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